Meet Buddy the Beagle: Lovable dog and Monday Night Football forecaster. He'll pick your winners and steal your pizza, too. Buyer beware.

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4 years ago | 1 note

How this dog picks Monday Night Football winners


Some sports handicappers utilize complicated formulas to make their NFL Monday Night Football predictions. Buddy the Beagle uses his nose, mouth and stomach to offer his less-than-educated Monday Night Football pick.

Prior to each Monday Night Football game, two plates containing half of a dog treat are placed on the back patio of his owner’s home. A piece of paper containing the team nickname is placed beneath the plate.

Buddy the Beagle is then released to make his prediction. He randomly chooses which treat to devour.

Below is a recap of Buddy’s Week 1 predictions. His Week 2 picks will be released at 8 a.m. Monday (EDT). Have your bookie on speed dial (just kidding … LOL).

SOURCE: Sentinel Sports Now: Dog Predicts Monday Night Football Winners

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